DYESS Commercial Real Estate has in-depth experience working with business owners and investors buying commercial real estate. Our background in buyer representation has been honed over decades representing commercial property buyers running out of space and looking to negotiate the best commercial purchase that fits their location requirements.

DYESS has all the advanced research tools and access to property listings to help business owners with acquisitions, relocations, and all things site-search related.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to purchase office, industrial, industrial flex, or retail commercial real estate, we have the skills and experience to help you buy property for your business.

What is a Buyer Representative?
A buyer representative or buyer agent is a licensed real estate agent and advisor to the buyer in a commercial property transaction and advocates on their behalf during negotiations to purchase a building or condo in their local market.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a DYESS Buyer Agent?
Free Service. Our buyer agency service is free and all broker fees are paid by the property owner or building seller.
Unconflicted Service. Our buyer representatives only work for you, so we can and will show you any property listing on the market and don’t favor certain properties or work for ‘behind the scenes’ kickbacks. Our advice will always be geared towards helping you navigate a beneficial property purchase for your small business.

Negotiation Experts. In today’s crowded real estate market we’ll provide you with cost comparisons, occupancy costs, operational costs, cap rates, and incentivized negotiations to help you achieve the best deal possible at the closing table.

Professional Network Access. Whether this is your first building purchase or one of many, you can never have too many quality professionals at the ready. Our commercial agents will make sure you have advice from the right professionals at the right time from architects, to general contractors, to lenders and commercial real estate attorneys.

The Buyer Package. Our services help you stand out in the market as we work with you on a professional and streamlined approach to securing a purchase. Our agents will help you put together a buyer package that will help sell you as a strong buyer in the area.
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